We are very pleased that you are considering ISK as the school for your children during your stay in Kigali, Rwanda. Please read through the information provided which will help with the enrollment procedures. If you have any difficulty, our office team would be pleased to assist you.

“It takes a village to raise a child” (An African proverb)

Never has this proverb been brought to life more strongly than at ISKR. The community of Students, Parents and Faculty work together to provide our children with the experiences and development they need to be global citizens and future leaders.

– Marie Sagnia, parent

"ISKR has been an excellent learning experience for our kids. Our daughter joined the school in 2015 in Grade 9 and graduated from Grade 12 in 2019. Her four years of education under guidance of her teachers at ISKR made her a well rounded student. The multifaceted experience at ISKR ranging from academics, to sports, to service learning at Meg's Foundation, all contributed to her growth as an effective human being ready to play her role in the society. In fall 2019, she joined Arizona State University at Tempe, to study Computational Mathematical Sciences. Our son joined ISKR in EC4 in 2015 and studied there till the end of the first semester of Grade 4. He came to ISKR as a small child taking his first steps into formal school. His teachers, right from EC4 to Grade 4, have helped him become a confident communicator, with effective written and spoken communication skills, excellent at quantitative skills, with multiple interests beyond academics. When we shifted from Rwanda in December 2019, he didn't want to leave Rwanda, and wanted to continue to study at ISKR! 

- Ashutosh Malik, ES & HS parent