Fee Structure for the Academic Year

2023 - 2024

(For new and returning students)


I. Tuition Fees


2023-2024 Tuition Fee USD




Elementary (G1-G5)


Middle School (G6-G8)


High School (G9-G12) 




II. Application Fee: New Students

The application fee is only applicable for new students looking to join ISK for 23-24AY in the amounts below.

  1. Pre-K - KG: $500 USD

  2. G1 to G12: $1,000 USD

  3. $2,000 USD maximum for a family with more than two students.

Application fee is a one-time fee when you first register at ISK and does not make any part of the tuition fees. It is non-refundable under any circumstances and must be paid upon submission of the application.


III. Capital Development Fee

One-time fee of up to $3,000 per student (with a family maximum of $5,000) shall be levied (on top of any registration and tuition fees) for all new students being enrolled for 2023 - 2024 school year at ISK.


IV. After School Activities Fee

The school offers a range of After School Activities every year. Some activities are free and others are paid because they need specific supplies and/or an outside instructor to come in and facilitate them. The activities are optional and related fees (for paid activities) are communicated during the signup process.


V. Enrollment Deposit: New Students

A deposit of $2,000 USD per newly enrolled student is payable within 7 days after an offer of a place is made. If payment is not made within 7 days, the student will be placed on the waitlist and their place may be offered to other students.

The enrollment deposit will be applied to the tuition fees. However, it is non- refundable and non- transferrable should the family cancel the admission or not physically arrive in Kigali after the place was offered. The enrollment deposit will only be refunded if the school is informed of the admission cancellation not later than August 1, 2023.


VI. Re-enrollment Deposit: Returning Students

Re-enrollment deposit of $2,000 USD per student is due by Wednesday, May 31, 2023 to reserve a seat for the next school year.

Should a family relocate outside of Rwanda and inform the school by August 1, 2021 that they will not return, the deposit will be returned.

The re-enrollment deposit will be applied to the tuition fees.


VII. Payment Plan

There are two payment plans, Plan A for full amount payment and Plan B for semester payment plan. The semester payment plan will have an additional administration fee of $250 USD per student and must be paid together with payment for the first semester.



Plan A: Full Amount

Plan B: Semester Payment

Semester I

Semester II









Elementary (G1-G5)




Middle School (G6-G8)




High School (G9-G12) 





Please note that arrangements for payment must be made when admission is confirmed.

Payments Due Dates:

Plan A (full amount): Payment for the entire year is due on August 1, 2023 for all returning students, and new students whose admissions have been confirmed before August 1, 2022. For students enrolled during the school year, the payment must be made before the student enters class based on the confirmed start date.

Plan B (Semester Payment): First half of the tuition fees is due on August 1, 2023 for returning students, and new students who choose this payment plan. For students enrolled during the school year and would like to pay by semester, the first half of the tuition fee must be paid before the student enters class based on the confirmed start date.

The second half of the tuition fee is due before the student enters class in the 2nd semester; that is before January 20, 2024

For students arriving late in the semester, full semester tuition fees are due and must be paid before the student enters class.

Please note that no part of the semester tuition will be refunded should a student withdraw after attending days or weeks of that concerned semester.


VIII. Later Admissions

Students admitted late during the first semester will pay full tuition for the whole school year and other applicable fees (application fee and capital development fee). If a student is admitted and the start date falls in the second semester, half of the tuition fees will be due together with other applicable fees (application fee and capital development fee).


IX. Short-term Admissions

Students who are enrolled for a discrete period of time (i.e. one semester admissions, etc.) will pay full tuition fees for the semester that they will be admitted in along with the full application and capital development fees. There will be no refund should the student leave earlier than the date initially agreed upon.


X. Special Education Program

Students joining the special education resource room will have additional service charges:

     ●  Non staff students: USD 5,000

     ●  Staff students: USD 3,000


XI. Guidelines and Terms for Payment of Fees and Refunds.

1. All fees are payable in U.S Dollars (USD).

2. Exact tuition fees must be received into ISK’s account. Bank transfer charges including international transfer fees and/or intermediary bank charges is the responsibility of the payment issuer/parent/guardian.

3.When making payments directly to the school’s bank accounts, please provide ISK with a copy of the bank slip or wire transfer advice that will enable us to record your payments into your respective accounts. These can be sent to finance@iskr.org. Please show the invoice number or the family name in the payment description.

4. Refunds for withdrawals under any payment plan will apply only to the unattended semester after submitting a written notification for withdrawal to the school prior to the commencement of the new semester. No refunds will apply to the partially unattended semester. Refunds apply to tuition fees only and shall be paid by cheque or bank transfer at the parents/guardian/issuer's cost.

5. At least 50 % of tuition fees must be received before the student enters class. The student’s place may be offered to a student on the waitlist if the account is outstanding for a full week after school starts. All fees must be paid before final report cards are issued.

6. There will be late payment charges at 2% every month after the invoice becomes overdue and no payment plans have been communicated to the school.

7. Questions or comments regarding billing may be addressed to the Business Office via email at - finance@iskr.org

8.Banking Information:

Bank Name: I&M Bank (Rwanda) Plc
Bank’s Address: KN 03 AVE 9, P.O. BOX 354 Kigali, Rwanda
Account #: 25044463002/USD
Account name: International School of Kigali
School address: KG 307 ST, Kibagabaga ; P.O Box 6217 Kigali, Rwanda. Swift code: IMRWRWRW

Parents interested in paying using Debit or Credit cards, please email finance@iskr.org for a link to be sent to you.