Scholarship Information

The scholarship is a 50% reduction in yearly school tuition for the duration of the student’s enrollment at ISK. The scholarship is only for new student applicants to ISK.



  • Apply through the online student application form located on our website. Select ‘yes’ for the question: Are you applying for a scholarship?
  • May 31st, 9am-10am, Open House at ISK. Please rsvp to and fill out our visitors form online. 


Selection Criteria

  • One parent must be Rwandan, and the other parent can be Rwandan or East African Communities (EAC)
  • High Academic Performance
  • Goal to attend university abroad
  • 3 letters of recommendation from current school
  • Passing all ISK required Entrance Screenings based on grade level
  • Interview with a rubric for scoring


Selection Process

  1. All applications are reviewed by the admissions committee. 

  2. If the student is selected by the committee, the family will be contacted for entrance screenings.

  3. If the student is selected following screenings, they will be contacted for an interview with the admissions panel. 

**To continue with the scholarship the students’ average in HS has to be a 'B'.  For MS and ES, the student must be meeting all grade level standards.