Elementary School


The Elementary School at ISKR is comprised of Kindergarten to Grade 5.

The ISKR Elementary School includes a diverse group of students coming from many different countries and cultures, so we strive to use our student diversity to enhance our school program. Our goal is to not only educate our students, but to offer them a place where they feel safe, challenged, and free to develop their unique talents.

The International Primary Curriculum is used to address the AERO/Common Core Standards for the school. IPC is an inquiry based, thematic and interdisciplinary approach to teaching science, history, geography, and technology. 

Prime Mathematics is a curriculum resource used for the math program. Additionally, the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) is utilized to evaluate student progress and ensure alignment of curriculum and teaching practices with international standards.

Students also take co-curricular courses taught by specialist teachers in the areas of music, drama, art, French language, library, and physical education and social-emotional learning.