High School

ISK High School is a center for independent & collaborative learning.

Students take ownership of their learning as they progress through our Grade 9 and 10 program which is aimed at preparing students for the challenges of Advanced Placement and the AP Capstone Diploma Program in Grades 11 & 12. These courses are equivalent to first year university courses in each area of study. 

Grades 9 & 10

The program in grades 9 and 10 challenges students to develop the foundational knowledge, skills and core understandings they need as blossoming intellectuals preparing for the next steps in their learning journey. Courses are tied to the Pre-AP courses along with the AERO/Common Core standards and follow a range of progressions individualized for each student.

Grades 11 & 12

Grades 11 & 12 shift students' focus toward deepening students' knowledge and sharpening their skills. Every graduate takes a minimum of one AP course, however, most students go beyond this and take more than one AP course. These university-level courses prepare students for the challenges of higher education and push students to make critical discoveries about their own learning needs, develop personal learning strategies, and collaborate with their peers and instructors throughout the process.

Students take classes in five core areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Sciences, and one or two World Languages. In addition, students choose from a variety of electives in computer science, information & communication technology, design technology, the visual & performing arts, and physical education.




Teachers and students go beyond the bounds of a traditional schedule to connect with one another in an open, flexible learning environment focused on innovation, inspiration, and interconnectedness. Students make use of I-Block, a completely open schedule once per week, to meet with teachers individually or groups, to work with study partners, tackle personal dilemmas with small groups, develop passion projects, prepare for AP exams, participate in labs for the sciences, and more.

Standards and curricular resources utilized are outlined as follows:

School Wide Assessment Tools

  • WIDA - English language assessment

  • F&P  (Fountas and Pinnell) - Reading assessment

  • MAP - Math and Reading  Assessment

  • Easy CBM - Math and Reading

  • PSAT 9/10/11-College Readiness-Math/Reading/Writing