Middle School

The ISKR Middle School program is composed of grades 6 through 8. Instruction addresses the AERO/Common Core Standards through the International Middle Years Curriculum.

IMYC Learning Process

The IMYC is an interdisciplinary framework for learning based on the inquiry process. Students' core classes link to a central idea designed to activate connections in the adolescent brain. Through this process of inquiry, students activate prior knowledge and practice 21st century literacy, numeracy, social studies, the sciences, visual and performing arts, and digital skills through content which is conceptually linked through the Big Idea.

At ISKR Middle School, we challenge students to take ownership of the learning process. This starts with the development of our community values:  principled, responsible and caring. It extends to all interactions and learning spaces. In their academics, students work with teachers to set learning goals, participate in self and peer assessment and formally reflect on their learning.

Students complete a personal project using a design thinking framework as part of each interdisciplinary unit. Projects are student-driven, link to the unit's Big Idea, and focus on process and impact. Students use a variety of media and tech tools to design and test prototypes.