Middle School

The ISK Middle School program is composed of grades 6 through 8. Instruction addresses the AERO/Common Core Standards

At ISK Middle School, we challenge students to take ownership of the learning process with all of their interactions and learning spaces. In their academics, students work with teachers to set learning goals, participate in self and peer assessment and formally reflect on their learning.

Students complete a personal project using a design thinking framework as part of each interdisciplinary unit. Projects are student-driven, link to the unit's enduring understandings and essential questions while focusing on process and impact. Students use a variety of media and tech tools to design and test prototypes stemming from their peer collaborations and creative problem solving. 

Standards and curricular resources utilized are outlined as follows:

School Wide Assessment Tools:

  • WIDA - English language assessment

  • F&P  (Fountas and Pinnell) - Reading assessment

  • MAP - Math and Reading  Assessment

  • Easy CBM - Math and Reading

  • PSAT 9/10/11-College Readiness-Math/Reading/Writing

Additionally, the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) is utilized to evaluate student progress and ensure alignment of curriculum and teaching practices with international standards.