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Applicant Information


If your answer to the previous question was 'yes', please complete the Student Support Questionnaire


If this is an international number, please include the country code.​​​


If this is an international number, please include the country code.

Emergency Contact Information

If this is an international number, please include the country code.

Applicant's Previous Schools


For applicants grade K-5, please list 1 reference from the applicant’s current classroom teacher. 

For applicants grade 6-12, please list 1 English Language Arts teacher reference, 1 math teacher reference, and 1 counselor or administrator reference from their current school.

In addition to this application, you must also submit during the application process:

⃞ A copy of the information/photo page of the applicant’s passport

⃞ Copies of the applicant’s two most recent report cards

⃞ A completed copy of the grade-appropriate ISK language survey

⃞ If applicable, a completed copy of the ISK Student Support Questionnaire

⃞ If applicable, a completed copy of the ISK Student Language Questionnaire

Please note that as part of the admissions process, you may be contacted regarding placement testing in the areas of reading, mathematics, world language and writing.


Upon admission to ISK, you must submit:

⃞ A copy of the applicant’s vaccination records

⃞ A completed copy of the ISK Health Form

Electronic Signatures

The electronic signatures below and their related fields are treated by the International School of Kigali like a physical handwritten signature.

Parental Agreement

Students may not enroll at ISK unless at least one parent or legal guardian is a full-time resident of Rwanda. I, the undersigned, agree that this applicant will be living with at least one parent or a legal guardian while enrolled at ISK. I hereby give ISK permission to obtain records from the applicant’s current and previous school(s). 


I hereby certify that the information given in this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I fully understand that if I fail to provide accurate information for this application, ISK reserves the right to restrict entry into or withdraw from the school. 


I understand that data collected will be used for processing the admission application only.

Release of Records

I waive my right to access confidential information contained in my child’s admission file.

Electronic Signature

My signature below affirms that all of the information contained in this application is correct, complete, and honestly presented. I understand that withholding or misrepresenting information in this application may jeopardize my child’s admission.

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