The ISKR PTO presents an amazing opportunity for parents and teachers to come together to enhance the education of our children and have some fun doing it!

The organization is committed to building school spirit, fostering a strong and supportive community, and enriching the educational life of the ISKR community by organizing events throughout the year. 

We welcome our parents and teachers to attend our meetings, to hear about what we are doing next, and to provide input and new ideas. You can volunteer as little or as much as your time allows... If you have questions or would like to volunteer but can't make the meetings, please contact one of the PTO Team. 

Some of the events we organize include:

  • Back to School Picnic 
  • Halloween Festival
  • Culinary Extravaganza
  • Christmas Movie Night
  • Spring Fair
  • Teacher Appreciation Week


In addition to joining the PTO, we encourage parents and teachers to take on committee roles within the organization. We thank all PTO volunteers who give their time to organize events for our school!

PTO Committee

The PTO Committee is the decision-making body for the PTO and is supported by the parents and teachers who actively participate in the regular PTO meetings and get involved in event planning. Committee members are volunteers and decision making is based on simple majority vote by the Committee members.

Current PTO Committee

The PTO committee can be contacted at Thank you!