Parent Teacher Association

The ISK Parent Teacher Association (PTA) aims to create an inclusive, multicultural organization, to enhance and support the educational experience of students and staff.

Our mission is to develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parental involvement, improving the environment of ISK through volunteer work, community building, parent/teacher collaboration, and financial support.

The PTA organizes multiple events throughout the year for the purpose of creating a strong school community and supporting our teachers and students. In the past, these events included:

  • Adult nights out

  • Family picnics

  • Cultural extravaganza

  • Spring fair

  • Staff appreciation week

  • Halloween festival

  • Holiday movie night


Membership is automatically granted; parents and teachers are encouraged to participate as little or as much as their time allows. The PTA committee is the decision-making body, it is supported by members who actively participate in event planning and meetings. We encourage everyone to take on committee roles within the organization and we thank our many volunteers for all their hard work!

Please contact us with all questions or to inquire about getting involved. 


PTA Representative: Tina Hudson (

Assistant Representative: Laura Mack

Event Coordinator: Marisa Callan 


Please see our operational guidelines here: Operational Guidelines


Please participate in the Parent’s Directory here: Parent Directory 


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Meeting Minutes are published here: Meeting Minutes