Work at ISK


WHY JOIN ISK?Truly international school with more than 40 nationalities

Opportunities to immerse yourself in Design Thinking

Be a part of our Innovation Team

Small classes to ensure individual progress

Highly qualified colleagues, many of whom hold advanced degrees

Excellent professional development opportunities

Exciting partnerships with community groups and organizations

Live in Kigali, one of Africa's cleanest & safest cities

Travel to fascinating nearby destinations on your holidays


Our teachers enjoy working at ISK because...

“The student population is truly international, the staff is wonderful, the city is very easy to live in.”

–Tesilya Forester, MS Teacher

“I like working at ISK because it's a small school, you can get to know the other teachers and all the students quickly. It is an incredibly supportive teaching environment from both management and the other teaching staff. It is good to be a part of a school where positive changes are happening quickly.”

–Labhaoise Corkery, ES Teacher

“The small classes and the great kids. High school teachers are given a lot of autonomy in how they teach their subjects. There is a lot of collaboration between teachers as it's a small school.”

–Sam McCoy, HS Teacher

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